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Thursday, September 1, 2016

High School

Soooo... I decided to keep this blog going after middle school. If you didn't know I just became a freshman and I had this blog for a class I had in middle school. Anyway I'm back! Over the summer I went to the Big Island (of Hawaii) so see some of my family and I was there for about a month; but not all at the same time. I went with my sister for a week then she left and I stayed for another week then went home for a month and went back until school started. It was pretty fun we went to the beach a lot, saw the volcano (but we couldn't see the lava), camped, and some other stuff. I was glad I got to spend time with that family because I barley get to see them.

High school started!!! It's already the 5th week of high school, I've been doing pretty good and we just received out mid-quarter report card and I'm actually satisfied with the results. My classes so far are good and I like all my teahers so far. and I'm up to date on school work even though I'm absent quiet a bit. It does seem like this year is going to go  by faster then I want it to.

I hope I do well this year at school, I'm planning on trying my hardest, turning in ALL my work in on time, and not being absent so much. I'm telling my self "right now is whee life starts, this is when it all starts counting", most people don't realize then when you enter high school you have to commit your self to want to graduate and go into college. I do understand that some high students  don't want to go to collage but you should still want to push yourself to at least graduate high school.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Music Video Finale

Our last project of the year is once agin a music video. This is my third music video in my 3 years of Middle School and they were all pretty fun. The storyline relates to the lyrics of the song because the lyrics are about two people needing each other and in the storyline we have two people hugging. Only a little portion of the video actually has a storyline but for the most part it's all just lip syncing to the song. The story in the video isn't as clear as we wanted it to but we tried our best.

I was absent for the entire week my group was filming and editing (because I was really sick) so I haven't gotten to watch our video yet. But my team mates have told me that we actually don't have a fast-edit montage in out video but I do think that we could have gotten it done if we worked harder and more efficiently.

Honestly I don't think that this music video showcases our best work. Why do I think that? You may wonder, well because we didn't really work together and communicate well and I was also absent for most of the project so I didn't get to help a lot. If I got to help I think that we could have talk about the project more and worked it out better. I do think that our project shows some of the techniques we have learned but we could have done a much much better job showing it. I also think that we did try our best to produce a well filmed and edited project.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

I'll just start with this.. We were assigned to do a animation project with a group of people we haven't worked with before. Each of our team member have to have a personal trait we have to exaggerate. In this protect my characters trait that was exaggerated was my funniness, Meagan's exaggerated trait was laugh ability, and Daileen's was glamorousness. Our story will emphasize who we are be showing how we would act with the situation given to us in the story.

In this story we use humor by making what we say funny. We made our characters do things that aren't totally normal. Our story has a message that people can relate to, the message is that you never know when or if your friends might move away to another state or a different location and doesn't tell you that their leaving, some people won't know what to do or how to act. People can relate to our story line because anyone can move away.

Even though I haven't ever worked with the people in this group before this project we worked pretty well together. I think that my group and I got most of the work done on time, or at least around the time that it would have been best for it to be finished. The biggest challenge in this project for me was the puppet warp tool, not because I thought it was difficult to use but because there are so many steps you have to go through to get the satisfactory I wanted. The best moment durning the working process of this project was when we were working on the story board because thats was the easiest part to do, also because thats were we get to share ideas and talk about what we want to see in our final product.

Character Development

No one really asks me what kind of person I am, have you got asked that question before? Well I'm going to tell you. I am the kind of person who is nice at most times but can get mean and judgmental sometimes. I can be a weird person but only around the people I am close with and I guess I'm quiet. Im really awaked around people I don't really know and it can get really funny at times. I have some relatable imperfections like I can get super serious sometimes at random moments.

I plan to exaggerate some of my traits while animating my self. I think I'm going to heighten my funniness and seriousness. The way I would do that is in the animation I will say funnier things and do funny things. For the serious part in not sure yet. I think Im going to make my GIF. rather normal but I will exaggerate some things. Im going to also exaggerate my awkwardness because Im bad at talking to people so Im probably going to make my character slide in and wave.

To create a GIF of your self or anything actually you just need to get a picture of your subject. The import it into Photoshop then take the olipticrl marque tool (on the side bar) and make a cut out of the subject and separate it from the background image. Once you have finished those steps you should save your work just in case. Then you have to decide what you would like your character to do, when you know what you want to do you can go to the window option in the top left menu bar and check animation to change your photoshop work space so you can start your .GIF. Then go to edit>puppet warp> place pins on your character so you can animate. Once your happy with your animation you go to file> save for web & devices, then you can change the size of your project if you want.

Friday, April 1, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Our key words for this project are high school, fail, graduate, stressed, and music. These words connect to our audience because everyone has to go through hight school and sometime you fail in some subjects. Also because graduating is usually a big part in your life and the journey to graduation can be stressful. Most of all I think the word music relates to a lot of people because they listen to music to get away from reality and motivate you to keep moving forward.

Our overall message is showing and telling you that music can help most students relieve stress. This isn't proven by us but it works for me and my friends. I think that the message isn't as clean as we wanted is to be but we tried our best. This message was supposed to be shown when the characters stood up and started singing. Also when the students get there grades they sing agin.

I think the biggest team challenge we went through was trying to get filming done. We had our plan figured out, we knew what we were going to film but when we got down to our filming spot (The Kapaa High School) we politely asked the office if we could film on their school campus, unfortunately they said no. Then we decided that the Kapaa Elementary's right next door why don't we just film there, we thought it was a great idea. We got there and once agin asked politely if we could film, they said we need to get permission ahead of time next time, we just said okay, thank you and left. Then we realized that my team and I's schedules are full until the next week and by next week the filming part of the project should already be done. I do think that this was the biggest challenge we went though.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

The point of taking more then one picture to make panos is so you get more in the finished image then just a little part of the subject or background. I also think taking more then one image is key to making a genuinely nice looking image. The more photos you take to create a panorama will make it look more real and easier or edit if you turning it into a spherical or polar panorama. Also if you take a photo of something you might as well take multiple images so at least one is a nice photo. Thats why I think it's important to take more then one image.

Whats the difference between polar and spherical panos? You may ask, well the difference is that polar panos are images and make a tiny world looking shape where the land is in the middle and the sky is on the outer edges. Spherical panos look a little different the sky is on the inside and the land mass is on the outside. Also the steps are different to making these two different panos but it's only one step different. That step is to not flip the image before the polar distortion.

What makes my tiny world convincing is that I tried my best to make the line that makes the circular image blended together so you cant tell that theres was a line there, on two of the images I stamped the line off pretty well but on the other two images the lines are very visible. Also what made some of my tiny world convincing is that I turned the line a different way it's harder to find the line. I think I rushed to much on the first to polar and the spherical images because they didn't come out well but the other two with the portraits came out better then the first two because I had more time to work on it.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

David Hockney's photomontages are different from ours because David had an amazing eye for art. He had done photography for a while so he had a good idea of what to do with his images. Also he is a professional photographer so he knows how things are placed and how to make the photos make sense. Hockney was a very intelligent photographer he usually planed all his photo shoots out so everything goes right.

There are many ways to share your photos weather its trough magazines, social media, or even just showing a person a photo you just took. Pictures give off messages both negative and positive, how? You may ask well if your looking though your social media page you might see someone posted something about the drama going on in there life or something about being sad and depressed. These aren't things that you would want to see because they don't make you happy they make you feel worried or bad for the person, this would be a negative message that people are sending out. While on the other hand you have positive messages that get sent out, you might see someone post or on a magazine of the ocean,waterfalls, animals, and even a photo of someone smiling, there are many images that a person could put out in to the world to send out a positive message. Photos you put out in to the world show positive or negative messages.
The message I intend to show through my final photomontage is that do what makes you happy. Taking amazing photos makes me happy and makes me feel like I can do anything I want. So I was kind of going for something that shows that it doesn't matter what someone wants for you do what you want to do. I know that the message didn't come out as clear as I wanted it to but I did try my hardest and tried to produce the best work possible. But either way I like the way this image turned out, it may not show the message I want it to but its still a nice photomontage in my opinion.